Our Services

We provide Attendant Outreach services, which are personal and homemaking supports to adults with physical disabilities in their homes, schools or workplaces, which enables Independent Living Halton to serve 12 people in Halton Region. On average, we provide 3 hours of service per person, 365 days a year. Our staffing scheduling model limits the number of staff members serving each client to a minimum.


Washing, Showering, Bathing, Shampoo, and Skin Care


Assistance with Hair Care, Shaving, and Nail Care


Repositioning turns in bed, Positioning supportive aids, braces, etc.

Dressing & Undressing


Assist with medication under specific client directions

Bowel & Bladder Care


Transferring in and out of a bed, wheelchair, couch or car


Help with meal preparation, grocery lists, cooking & eating


Assistance with minor / light cleaning or housekeeping tasks

In addition to Attendant Outreach, we also operate Deborah’s Home, which was constructed in 1995 and is home to five people with physical disabilities. They separately maintain their own rooms and co-operatively share in the decisions and expenses of daily living. Residents enjoy the features of an open style kitchen and living room, while maintaining their privacy in their own bedrooms. Residents direct their personal matters and determine their level of personal and homemaking support.

The combination of accessible, affordable housing with in-home support and Attendant Outreach services is just part of Independent Living Halton’s vision to support adults with physical disabilities, with a full range of services that enable adults to fully participate in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, including education and employment. Ultimately we wish to see clients choose from a broader range and quantity of housing and support services.

We help provide housing and support services to people in their homes respecting their own familial, linguistic, spiritual and cultural diversities.