Picture of Deborah's Home, 296 Ontario St. North, Milton, Ontario, L9T 2T9

Welcome Home!

Independent Living Halton is a non-profit organization established in 1992 for the purpose of assisting adults with physical disabilities. Assistance is delivered to support independence, self-determination and citizenship. We are in the business of delivering a basic need: accessible, affordable care & housing 7/24/365 at our location in Milton (Deborah’s Home) and personal and Homecare assistance (Attendant Services). The Housing and Attendant Services assist competent and responsible adults to live in the community of their choice and to fully participate in the usual activities of daily living.

Our Role in Your Care

The homemaking and personal assistance works at the direction and initiation of the client. The staff and client will discuss at the onset of the service to confirm the client’s direction/preferences and to confirm that the assistance can be completed in a safe manner for both staff and client.

Photo of a resident wheelchair user in the kitchen area of Deborah's Home

Our personal and homemaking assistance is non-medical in nature. That means our assistance with medication is limited to what the client cannot physically do and assist to take their medication. The client is responsible to know what medication to take, when and how to take it.

Photo of a resident wheelchair user receiving assistance in the kitchen area of Deborah's Home

The timing and scheduling of assistance will be in response to consumer’s choice and limited by operating hours (6:00 am to 11:00 pm in the community). We will negotiate with clients to achieve maximum satisfaction with scheduling of assistance according to clients need.

A Resident's Accessible Room at Independent Living Halton

Where Are We?

We deliver service in the Halton Region: Oakville, Burlington, Halton Hills (Acton), Georgetown and Milton. Central administration office is located at 296 Ontario Street North in Milton.

Graphic of Halton Region

What Do We Do?

Every day, our team assists adults (over age 16) in completing their daily activities such as getting dressed and starting their day. We assist individuals who have complex and consistent routines related to their breathing, eating, and personal hygiene. Our services are provided in various settings, including homes, workplaces, and educational institutions, with the goal of delivering personalized care to adults with physical disabilities rather than merely supervising them.

We ensure that our service adheres to all relevant regulations, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Long-Term Care Act, the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and the Employment Standards Act. To ensure that the service is tailored appropriately, completed correctly, and delivered punctually, we establish a Service Contract.


We support independence and the exercise of choice. We recognize that in making choices, there are risks and responsibilities. By taking risks, we create independence.

Decision Making

Our service is an activity of assistance, with you in control and responsible for your daily schedule and activities.


Your life is yours to control: make choices, know the risks and prepared to be responsible for the effects on others.

May 2023

Independent Living Halton is pleased to announce that it has earned a Three-Year  Accreditation from CARF for the following programs/services: Governance; Care for Persons Served; Program Standards; and Home & Community Services

Funding for all our programs is provided by