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Picture of Deborah's Home, 296 Ontario St. North, Milton, Ontario, L9T 2T9

Deborah's Home

Photo of Path and Garden outside Independent Living Halton
Photo of Path outside Independent Living Halton

We’ve built a place to care especially for adults with disabilities with independence and dignity. Take a look and see if you could feel at home with us.

A Resident's Accessible Room at Independent Living Halton
Photo of a resident wheelchair user in the kitchen area of Deborah's Home
Photo of kitchen area at Independent Living Halton
A resident's room at Independent Living Halton
A Resident's Accessible Room at Independent Living Halton
A Resident's Room at Independent Living Halton
Photo of a shared living room at Independent Living Halton

Deborah’s Home was constructed in 1995, as a small home built to be wheelchair accessible, which is now home to five people with physical disabilities. They separately maintain their own rooms and co-operatively share in the decisions and expenses of daily living. Residents enjoy the features of an open style kitchen and living room, while maintaining their privacy in their own bedrooms. Residents direct their personal matters and determine their level of personal and homemaking support.

The History of Independent Living Halton

Picture of Deborah's Home, 296 Ontario St. North, Milton, Ontario, L9T 2T9 In the first phase of the Corporation’s development, a small home was built to fit the neighbourhood, and was made wheelchair accessible to accommodate five people. As there existed no private marked development of this type of specialized housing, funding from the Provincial Government was needed to underwrite the construction costs and operating expenses.

The second phase of the organization began in 1997, when the Corporation was approved to provide personal support services and homemaking support to adults with physical disabilities in their homes, schools or workplaces. Since then, scope of service has incrementally increased. Its present capacity serves thirty people.

A combination of accessible, affordable housing with in-home support and Attendant Outreach services is just part of the Corporation’s Vision to support adults with physical disabilities, with a full range of services that enable adults to fully participate in the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, including education and employment.

Our Vision

All people with physical disabilities in the Halton Region can be active members of the community, fully living their lives possible and achieving their dreams in a meaningful way by taking charge of, and self-directing their range of services in a welcoming individual oriented environment.

Photo of a resident wheelchair user in the kitchen area of Deborah's Home

Our Mission

Independent Living Halton will promote independent living for adults with physical disabilities by providing housing and superior support services to residents, and individuals living in their own homes, respecting their own familial, linguistic, spiritual, and cultural diversities.

Photo of a resident wheelchair user receiving assistance in the kitchen area of Deborah's Home

Whole-Hearted Care requires a Strong Heart to guide us. Meet some of the people who make us who we are.

Our Leadership

Our Founder

Joyce Scott is a truly remarkable woman, soft spoken but powerful! Joyce is recognized locally, provincially and internationally for her devotion to causes and her willingness to lead by example.

Photo of Joyce Scott Holding an Award
In addition to having founded Independent Living Halton, her accomplishments include:

• Province of Ontario – Community Action Award
• Toastmasters International – International Distinguished Toastmaster Award
• Toastmasters International – Hall of Fame
• Milton Chamber of Commerce – Lifetime Achievement Award
• United Way of Milton – Founding Director
• Milton Businesswomen’s Breakfast – Founding Member
• Milton District Hospital Auxiliary – Active Member
• Broker/Owner of Joyce Scott Real Estate Inc.

Joyce’s dedication to Independent Living Halton and Deborah’s Home is legendary. Joyce is a positive voice for issues relating to disabled people in our community. Her devotion to her daughter, Deborah, allows Joyce to effectively empathize and advise families in similar circumstances and opportunities to serve people with a disability. Joyce accepts this challenge with positive results for not only her family, but also the entire community. Building on personal experience, Joyce has developed initiatives that extend throughout the Region of Halton and been an example for other countries as well.

At all levels of community and government, Joyce continues to advocate for access and services, programs and policies, acceptance and participation, support and right to dignified living and the full development of potential for persons with disabilities. In 1999 Lieutenant Governor Hillary Weston presented Joyce with the prestigious Community Action Award.

Her Toastmaster colleagues honoured her decades of active participation on all levels with the Distinguished Toastmaster Award, the highest recognition in the Toastmasters program and entry into the Toastmaster Hall of Fame. A leader in the local club, Joyce also served as District Secretary. As one of the first women in this organization, her leadership is yet another example of Joyce’s determination to maximize individual potential.

Joyce is well known as a leader in the community of Milton – a founding member/director of many organizations – and recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Gala.

In her persistent, yet gracious manner, Joyce continues to advocate and support the causes that benefit and develop the potential of all persons – enhancing their lives, and ours.

Board of Directors

Joyce Scott
Joyce Scott
Founder & Board Member
Greg Stopelli
President & Board Member
Photo of David DiMarco
David DiMarco
Treasurer & Board Member
Photo of Hugh Stewart
Hugh Stewart
Board Member
Photo of Ed Miedzybrocki
Ed Miedzybrocki
Board Member
Photo of Path and Garden outside Independent Living Halton
Nataly Farshait
Board Member

We believe in people with disabilities living with independence and dignity. If you don’t know if our services are going to suit you or your loved one, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help.