History of Independent Living Halton

In the first phase of the Corporation’s development, a small home was built scaled to fit its neighbourhood, was wheelchair accessible and accomodated five (5) people. As there existed no private marked development of this type of specialized housing, funding from the Provincial Government was needed to underwrite the construction costs and operating expenses.

Deborah’s Home was constructed in 1995 and is now home to five people with physical disabilities. They seperately maintain their own rooms and co-operatively share in the decisions and expenses of daily living. Residents direct their personal matters and determine their level of personal and homemaking support.

The second phase of the organization began in 1997, when the Corporation was approved to provide personal support services and homemaking support to adults with physical disabilities in their homes, schools or workplaces. Since then, scope of service has incrementally increased. Its present capacity serves thirty (30) people.

The combination of accessible, affordable housing with 24 hour access to in-home support and Personal Support Services is just part of the Corporation’s Vision to support adults with a physical disability. Ultimately we wish to see consumers choose from a broader range and quantity housing and support services.